Dubai [UAE], December 3: Some 20 countries plan to significantly increase energy production from nuclear power for the benefit of the climate, according to a declaration published on Saturday at the UN Climate Change Conference.
In the declaration, which was signed by France and the United States, capacities should be tripled by 2050.
Canada, Japan, Britain and several other European countries have also signed up to the pact.
Unsurprisingly, Germany is not one of the signatories following its nuclear phase-out this year. However, in many other countries, including France and Britain, nuclear power continues to play a crucial role in energy supply.
The declaration states that nuclear power plays a key role in achieving climate neutrality by the middle of the century and keeping within the realms of possibility to the 1.5-degree-Celsius target, with which the global community aims to prevent the worst consequences of global warming.
Other countries are called upon to join in and donors to invest in the expansion of nuclear power.
Source: Qatar Tribune