Jakarta (Indonesia), December 18: The Indonesian police's anti-terror squad, locally known as Densus 88, has arrested nine suspected terrorists who are allegedly linked to the outlawed Jamaah Islamiyah (JI) militant group, in two cities in North Sumatra province.
"We arrested them on Thursday. Seven of them were arrested in Medan, the other two were arrested in Tanjung Balai," Indonesian National Police spokesman Senior Commissioner Ahmad Ramadhan told reporters on Friday.
Ramadhan said all the suspects are currently detained at North Sumatra police headquarters as Densus 88 is doing further investigation.
Previously, the police apprehended four suspected terrorists in South Sumatra on Dec. 13 and one in Lampung on Dec. 15. The arrested people are also reported to be JI group members.
The police are expected to beef up security, particularly in places of worship, during the year-end holidays, and the Indonesian people have been advised to remain cautious and immediately report to the police if they find anything suspicious.
Source: Xinhua