Washington [US], December 18: America is not prepared for the Omicron variant of COVID-19, in any case, which is proved by shattered medical system, policy makers' choices, among others, according to a report by The Atlantic.
Hospitals in the United States are already at a "breaking point," said the article published on Thursday, noting that "two years of trauma" have pushed droves of healthcare workers to quit their jobs, while those remaining staff are ever more exhausted and demoralized.
Policy makers have also already cut themselves off from the tools needed to protect the populations they serve, it said.
The Omicron wave will seep into many cracks and weaknesses of U.S. wall of immunity, said the article, noting that many Americans are now struggling to make appointments to be vaccinated while people from rural, low-income, and minority communities will likely experience the greatest delays.
Source: Xinhua