Tokyo [Japan], January 25: A cargo ship with a crew of 22 people capsized off the coast of Japan's Nagasaki prefecture late at night on January 24, and search and rescue operations are underway.
According to Kyodo News, the cargo ship Jintan called for help at 23:15 on January 24 (local time) in an area 110 km west of the Danjo Islands.
The Japan Coast Guard said the ship capsized off the coast of Nagasaki Prefecture in southwestern Japan. There were 22 people on board, including 14 Chinese and 8 Burmese.
Another ship moving nearby informed the coast guard that the crew of the Jintan had transferred to a lifeboat.
The Japanese Coast Guard and neighboring ships are participating in search and rescue operations. According to Kyodo News, as of the morning of January 25, four people have been rescued and the rest are still missing.
The Jintan has a displacement of 6,651 tons and is registered in Hong Kong. It is not clear what caused the ship to capsize. However, the accident happened in the midst of Japan's unusually cold weather , according to Bloomberg.
Earlier, on the morning of January 24, the Chinese cargo ship Shin Haijo 2 ran aground between the islands of Ishigaki and Kohama in the southern Japanese prefecture of Okinawa. The weather in the area at that time had high winds and high waves. Public broadcaster NHK quoted the Japanese coast guard as saying that the 19-member crew was evacuated by helicopter.
In 2020, a ship carrying nearly 6,000 cattle sank off the coast of Japan, leaving dozens of people missing.
Source: ThanhNien Newspaper