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Network [DOGS] is a high-performance, scalable blockchain solution that aims to achieve 500K TPS with a very low fee. The main focus of this layer 2 gaming payment network is fast and smooth microtransactions, which will make the market very attractive for users.
DogCoin plans to Create Bridge between Dogecoin and DOG coin

is planning to create a bridge between 2 networks so that dogecoin users can easily swap their tokens from dogecoin to DOGcoin and vice versa.
Dogechain followed a similar process but dogechain TPS is very low and it's not an official Dogecoin network.
Dogecoin can process 40 transactions in 1 second whereas DOG COIN can process more than 2000 Transactions per second.
Dog Coin's will increase the utility of the Dogecoin also know as DOGE. It will allow users with existing DOGE tokens to wrap their existing DOGE tokens into smart contracts and receive Wrapped DOGE (wDOGE) token in return.
Dogechain did this before but huge supply is controlled by big influencers and they are listed on ethereum network in which swap fees is very high whereas DOGcoin is on BNB Network
Why DOGcoin (DOGS) is Better then Dogecoin
There are many reason why you can choose dog coin over dogecoin and some of the important reasons are mentioned in below points, Dogecoin is popular because of Elon musk and not because of dogecoin technology, and if you are technology lover then you will understand why dog coin is best
- Dogcoin is sharing network Transaction fees with Dapp creator
- High TPS and Low Transaction Fees whereas dogecoin tps is very low 40 Transaction per second.
- Very Low Market Cap and Huge earning opportunities for early Investors.
- DOG COIN is for Gaming network NFT lovers and dapps developers
Apart from these there are many features which are still in the pipeline For more details about Dogcoin, you can visit the official website,
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