Istanbul [Turkey], March 22: Turkish President RecepTayyip Erdogan's ruling party and its nationalist allies have submitted the incumbent's bid for re-election in the May 14 polls to the Supreme Election Board (YSK).
The move revived heated discussions over whether Erdogan is constitutionally allowed to run for a third term.
"It is legally impossible for Erdogan to be a candidate again," opposition politician Idris Sahin said on Tuesday, adding his DEVA Party will appeal Erdogan's candidacy.
According to the Turkish Constitution, a presidential term runs for five years and a president can be elected for a maximum of two terms.
Erdogan was first elected president in 2014; he was re-elected in 2018.
He argues his candidacy is legal as the two-term rule was introduced in 2017 - so his first term does not count.
Many observers consider May's race as one of the most critical elections in recent Turkish history.
After nearly 20 years in power, Erdogan will compete in the polls amid the country's worst economic troubles in decades, exacerbated by a devastating earthquake last month.
Erdogan's key rival is main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kili├ždaroglu, who - backed by five other opposition parties and potentially a pro-Kurdish party, has renewed hopes of ousting Erdogan.
The election authority YSK will announce a final and official list of presidential hopefuls on March 31.
Source: Qatar Tribune