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New Delhi [India], December 6: The European International University, authorized by the French Ministry of National Education, recently hosted a prestigious event in Bangkok on December 3rd, 2023. Dr Sangramsinh Mali, a renowned global peace advocate, was honored for his exceptional contributions to societal well-being and spiritual literacy, culminating in the conferral of an Honorary Doctorate and designation as the Ambassador of World Peace.
During the event, Prof. Dr Edward Roy Krishnan, the Director-General at EIU Paris, personally honored and received Dr Sangramsinh Mali. He delivered an impressive speech, highlighting Dr Mali's notable contributions and underlining the significance of his recognition.
The felicitation ceremony, attended by dignitaries, influencers, and global figures, showcased Dr Mali's diverse background, spanning leadership roles in environmental initiatives, social work, sports, and entertainment. Rooted in the teachings of Lord Krishna and his higher consciousness, Dr Mali has dedicated his life to positive change, notably through his ongoing initiative--the creation of a Centre for Humanity--with the aim of making India a potent ambassador for global peace.

Expressing his gratitude, Dr Sangramsinh Mali stated, "Being recognized alongside such distinguished figures is truly humbling and motivating. This honor is proof of our joint commitment to promoting global harmony and well-being. It energizes me to contribute even more meaningfully in the years to come."
Dr Sangramsinh Mali is spearheading the creation of a Centre for Humanity, aiming to establish India as a potent ambassador for global peace. Notably, he holds a doctorate for his contributions to the Obama Foundation, earning him the distinction of being the youngest dignitary to receive global peace honors at a European platform.
The event's success was marked not only by the recognition bestowed upon Dr Mali but also by the collective spirit of commitment to making a positive impact on a global scale!
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