Washington (US), January 25: Some of the fencing in Washington DC that was put up ahead of US President Joe Biden's inauguration has been removed, but the Capitol Hill area is still fenced off, a Sputnik correspondent reports.
The fences around the White House and the concrete blocks placed on intersections have been removed. K Street has been cleared, as well as I Street, which is now open to traffic.
The Capitol Hill is still fenced off, as well as the territory around the Supreme Court. The fencing ends at Pennsylvania Avenue.
Unprecedented security measures were introduced in the US capital ahead of Biden's inauguration, which took place on January 20. Around 25,000 members of the US National Guard provided security in Washington DC.
Gen. Daniel Hokanson told reporters on Saturday that less than 200 of the 25,000 National Guardsmen got infected with COVID-19. Some 15,000 of the National Guard troops have been ordered to leave, while 3,600 more are awaiting orders. Some 7,000 could remain in DC for several weeks, up until mid-March, to help ensure security in the capital, according to Hokanson.
On January 6, supporters of former US President Donald Trump stormed Capitol Hill in a bid to prevent Congress from certifying the presidential election results. Several people, including a female air force veteran, were killed.
Source: Sputnik