Washington (USA), Jan 14: The US Department of Justice has concluded that a fatal shooting at a naval base in Florida last month was an act of terrorism by a Saudi Arabian military trainee.
The 21-year-old member of the Royal Saudi Air Force opened fire at the base in early December, killing three US sailors and wounding eight others. The gunman was killed in a shootout.
Attorney General William Barr told reporters on Monday that the shooter was influenced by Islamic extremism. He said the man had posted anti-American and anti-Israeli messages on social media before the attack.
Barr said there was no evidence linking any other Saudi military trainees in the US to the attack.
But he said the Saudi Arabian government has ordered 21 trainees to return home after they were found to possess extremist or other derogatory material.
The attorney general also said tech giant Apple has failed to offer substantive assistance to unlock the gunman's two smartphones. He asked Apple and other technology companies to cooperate to help prevent further terror attacks.
Apple and the US Justice Department have clashed in court in recent years over the iPhone maker's refusal to assist in investigations. Apple cites the protection of personal information as the reason.
Source: NHK World