Paris [France], February 13: Speaking on Monday during a visit to Paris by Poland's new, pro-European Prime Minister Donald Tusk, French President Emmanuel Macron said that the two countries want to open a new chapter in their relations.
A new agreement between the two countries is being prepared for this purpose, he said.
"Once again, I would like to express our friendship and our pleasure at seeing you here again and, through you and your government, having trustworthy, pro-European partners who are clear on European security and our major challenges," Macron said, addressing Tusk. "Welcome back!"
Tusk said that he wanted to begin his term as Poland's head of government by revitalizing relations with key European partners as quickly as possible.
He said he had the feeling that the positions of France and Poland were very similar in these difficult times, including with regard to geopolitics and security issues. "Europe must become a secure continent, and that means that the European Union, France and Poland must become strong states ready to defend and support their own borders and territory."
Source: Qatar Tribune