Washington (USA) March 26: The coronavirus pandemic has spread to every state in the United States. In an effort to contain the spread of the virus, schools and businesses are closing down for an indefinite period of time, straining Americans' financial resources.
In the midst of a national self-quarantine, many people are wondering how they can help and give a financial or physical donation to help the relief efforts.
Check out a few options below:
American Red Cross helps individuals in a disaster. Currently, the Red Cross is looking for blood donations if you are healthy. If you can donate visit their website or call 1.800.RED CROSS.
Salvation Army helps with disaster relief. If you wish to donate, visit
Boys & Girls Clubs of America is helping feed kids in the US and providing academic support via virtual classes and activities.
Feeding America is organizing food banks and food pantries for those who cannot afford meals. To make a donation, visit their website.
The CDC Foundation supports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
First Book provides educational material to kids in need who cannot access the Internet while schools and libraries are shut down. Visit their website.
Direct Relief is providing protective masks, gloves, and gowns to health care providers who are fighting COVID-19 cases.
World Vision is distributing food and supplies in the US and around the world.
Meals On Wheels is a meal delivery for seniors who are at-risk for contracting COVID-19. You can donate through their website.
Save the Children is organizing meals and educational programs for kids whose schools shut down. Visit their website.
Children's Hunger Fund is dedicated to helping feed children and families who can not afford food. Visit their website.
Restaurant Workers' Community Foundation is using donations to create a relief fund for "individual workers facing economic hardships or health crises as a direct result of COVID-19" and provide zero-interest loans to help restaurants get back up and running. Visit their website.
BStrong was created by TV personality Bethenny Frankel to provide "real-time emergency assistance to people in crisis." She and her team are currently distributing hundreds of thousands of masks, gloves, and gowns to healthcare workers in need. Visit the website.
Source: Fox News