Tel Aviv [Israel], March 27: Israel said Hamas deputy military commander Marwan Issa was killed in an airstrike, while a Hamas spokesman did not confirm or deny.
Reuters on March 27 quoted an Israeli military spokesman as saying that Hamas deputy military commander Marwan Issa was killed in an Israeli raid this month.
"We have checked all intelligence information. Marwan Issa was eliminated in the raid we conducted about 2 weeks ago," according to Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).
On Israel's most wanted list, Issa's name is at the top along with Hamas military commander Mohammed Deif, and leader of this force in Gaza Yahya Sinwar.
Reacting to the above information, senior Hamas officer Osama Hamdan told Al Jazeera that Hamas 's political department has not received evidence of Mr. Issa's death.
"Everyone knows that since day one, the Israelis have said that they want to target the Qassam Brigade and other commanders. However, since there was no official statement confirming the sacrifice, it was not possible confirmed that information," Mr. Hamdan said from Beirut (Lebanon).
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In another development, Reuters on March 27, citing well-informed sources, reported that at least 7 people were killed in an Israeli raid on the Nabatieh region in southern Lebanon.
Accordingly, the raid seemed to target the emergency and relief center of the Islamic Group (IG) in Hebbariyeh village. On March 26, Israel launched airstrikes near two towns in northern Lebanon, killing three Hezbollah members.
Israel confirmed the attacks near the Ras Baabelk and Hermel areas in Lebanon, and said its planes targeted several military sites used by Hezbollah in response to the attack with missile at one of their bases near the Lebanese border.
Source: Thanh Nien Newspaper