Tokyo [Japan], July 9: A memorial service for the late Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was held at a temple in Tokyo on July 8, a year after he was assassinated.
Among those attending the memorial service for the late Prime Minister Shinzo Abe mentioned above were Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and Akie Abe, wife of the late Prime Minister Shinzo Abe , according to Kyodo News.
At a meeting after the memorial service, Prime Minister Kishida announced he would "focus all efforts on solving national problems and continue to sow seeds for the future", referring to the unmet goals. Abe, including amending Japan's pacifist Constitution to explain the Self-Defense Forces' legal status.
Near the spot where Mr. Abe was shot in the western Japanese city of Nara, dozens of people lined up in the morning to lay memorial flowers. In it, a 35-year-old woman said: "I can't believe he's gone."
"There are many ways to judge Mr. Abe, but the use of violence is unacceptable," Kyodo News quoted Yui Sugiyama, a 35-year-old company employee residing in Nara.
"I want the case to be thoroughly investigated," said Hayato Sugiyama, a 58-year-old company executive.
Abe died on July 8, 2022 after being shot at close range while giving a campaign speech two days before the lower house elections. Because gun ownership is tightly controlled in Japan, which prides itself on being a safe society, the then deadly shooting sent shockwaves inside and outside of Japan.
The perpetrator, Tetsuya Yamagami, was arrested on the spot. Yamagami, which holds a grudge against the Unification Church , on the grounds that it was this religious organization that bankrupted the suspect's mother. The suspect also blamed the late Prime Minister Abe for promoting the image of the Unification Church through social media posts.
Prime Minister Kishida says he has no ties to the sect, but his approval rating has dropped to its lowest since he took office, as some members of his cabinet have connections. relationship with this sect.
Mr. Kishida's LDP has announced it is severing all ties with the Unification Church and has tried to assuage voters' concerns by changing cabinet members.
The Japanese government also began investigating the Unification Church in November 2022, paving the way for the court to consider stripping it of its status as a religious company that enjoys religious benefits. tax.
Since Abe's shooting, Japanese police have also tightened security measures for senior officials. In addition, political parties have requested the use of indoor venues to facilitate security checks and ensure distance between speakers and spectators, according to NHK.
Source: Thanh Nien Newspaper