New Delhi [India], February 6 (ANI/SRV): Healthcare remains on top priority at any African country's agenda and pioneering it is Jayesh Saini, a successful entrepreneur who has a vision to have the largest healthcare setup in Africa.
"To have the quality of service acceptable to the majority should be the ultimate target," Jayesh says. This ideology became his bespoke motivation and he significantly dedicated himself to curating something unparalleled in the healthcare industry. In 2017, together with his wife Dr Shalya Saini, he added inpatient care by setting up two hospitals under the brand name LifeCare Hospitals Limited, to take his passion forward. The team is deliberately focusing on setting up hospitals in underserved regions in Kenya and East & Central Africa at large.
LifeCare hospitals are spread across five major parts of Kenya namely, Bungoma, Eldoret, Kikuyu, Meru, and Migori. To escalate his passion further, Saini is looking forward to laying the foundation of 10 more hospitals in other parts of Kenya to bring the total bed capacity to over 2,600 by 2024.
Plans are also at an advanced stage to set up Lifecare hospitals in other Eastern Africa nations namely Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia. The arrangement involves setting up 500 bed capacity hospitals in each of these countries which will house super specialty clinics such as Cardiology, Orthopaedic, Oncology, Nephrology, Radiology among others.
The combined bed capacity of Lifecare hospitals regionally will be over 4,100 beds. The regional hospitals will also boast of having Intensive Care Units (ICU), High Dependency Units (HDU) and modular theatres focused on achieving safety, precision and efficiency for the operating team.
Moreover, there shall be 10 specialized and centralized state of the art diagnostic centres in each of these countries with a LifeCare Hospital presence. This is coupled with an expansion plan to set up a network of 30 outpatient medical centres in each of these countries. The intention is to replicate its business model that offers Quality and Affordable healthcare to all, across East Africa. With that being accomplished, LifeCare Group will be able to achieve the milestone of placing itself among the largest hospitals and healthcare providers in Eastern and Central Africa, second only to hospital chains in South Africa.

At LifeCare Hospitals, all the protocols of quality are practiced with accuracy to ensure that all of the clients receive the same experience of services. The company functions with a Quality Management Policy which is revised periodically. Values like compassion, excellence, credibility, and responsibility towards the patients are the founding pillars of LifeCare hospitals. LifeCare Hospitals has become a household name for all types of clients in Kenya.
The LifeCare Group implemented a robust ICT infrastructure that allowed for direct access to medical case history, keeping track of patient's progress by interlinking technology across the network.
Being an exceptional leader, the Health care group currently has over 4,000 professionals who are dedicated to serving patients. Bliss Healthcare has 65 medical centers functioning in 37 of Kenya's 47 counties. The entire network serves over 80,000 patients each month.
Additionally, the centers are equipped with the latest medical machines adding more to the company's charm. The array of equipment includes 5 CT Scans, 51 Ultrasounds, 41 X-Ray machines, 53 Dental units, and 48 Optical Units spread across the country. Such technologically driven medical arrays guarantee their standardized quality of care, in every part of Kenya.
As part of its expansion strategy, the Healthcare group envisions increasing its workforce to over 10,000 professionals across its network in the East Africa region.
Apart from the noble medical services he spearheads, Saini has also invested in Community Engagement through the Lifecare Foundation. The CSR activities that the foundation undertakes are aimed at the general wellbeing of the people in Kenya and Africa at large. The healthcare group also set up around 100 free medical camps all around the country each year. They also donate to children's homes and support the less fortunate through diverse philanthropic organizations.
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