Paris [France], March 20:French President Emmanuel Macron (Emmanuel Macron) expressed today his wish that his hated reform of the pension system "can finish its democratic path".
"The President of the Republic expressed his wish that the text of the law on pensions can reach the end of its democratic journey in an atmosphere of respect for all," announced the Elysee Palace.
Parliament should discuss two motions for a vote of no confidence in the government tomorrow, because on Thursday the Government announced that it will exercise its constitutional right and pass a law on the reform of the pension system without a vote in Parliament.
Motions for a vote of no confidence were submitted by the far-right National Gathering party and a small group of independent Liot deputies. For now, it is considered unlikely that these proposals will receive a majority of votes sufficient to topple the government.
The French and part of the opposition oppose the reform of the pension system, which, among other things, foresees retirement at 64 instead of 62.
Source: Beta News Agency