New Delhi [India], February 7 (ANI/PRNewswire): Beauty and skincare enthusiasts have a plethora of options when it comes to choosing their products. However, with an increasing awareness of the ingredients in these products, more people are opting for organic alternatives to avoid synthetic chemicals in their skincare routine. Facing difficulty in finding safe and effective skincare products, Niti Gupta and Nitika Aggarwal, a mother-daughter duo, decided to create their own line of organic skincare products --
When Nitika became pregnant, she struggled to find baby-safe skincare products that would also suit her skin. Reading the labels of various brands, she became aware of the high number of chemicals present in most products in the market. Of the few organic products she did find she said, "Many products that claim to be organic leave you feeling dissatisfied and duped because they are created without keeping in mind the guidelines for safety and efficacy. Often, they do not go through a stringent clinical testing phase to assure the quality of the products." Discussing her difficulty in finding the products with her mother-in-law, Niti, made the duo realise that they would not be able to find the type of organic products they were looking for. While they could rely on natural remedies, such as applying yoghurt as a moisturiser, these natural remedies were often inconvenient to source and prepare and showed results after a longer duration of time.
Nitika and Niti realised that there was a niche in the market for effective organic skincare. They began a two-year-long journey into researching what it would take to create a set of products that would have short-term and long-term benefits. Since they were the potential consumers of the product they set out to create, they knew exactly what they wanted to create, and what thousands of other women would want. Thus, the
offered by Organic Kitchen can be chosen by skin concern or skin type, or by the preferred fruit one wishes to use as a base.
When they started their research, Niti and Nitika identified the most potent parts of
, as well as the appropriate clinical active to use with the chosen organic base. Using advanced technologies, they extracted the most nutrient-dense bioactive compounds in fruits and vegetables.
"We wanted to create a product that we would feel happy using for our entire family," said Niti, who has over six years of professional experience in skincare product development. "We put in the effort to do just that, and the result is a clean and effective combination of ingredients that ticks all boxes for what we set out to do."
When the duo launched their brand, they did so with the vision to involve and uplift as many women as they could. Organic Kitchen employs approximately 110 women in the production, testing, and research of their products, intending to increase the numbers to 1,000 over the coming years. They also have a goal to educate over 10,000 girls as they grow their brand.
Organic Kitchen combines the expertise of Niti, who has over 6 years of professional experience in crafting skincare products, with the practical experience of Nitika. The women-led brand focuses on empowering women to choose from a range of products, all of which are created with the utmost highest standards.
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