New Delhi [India], March 14 (ANI/Oswaal Books): National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) is a prerequisite if you want to be enrolled in MBBS and BDS courses that are organised by NTA.
National Medical Commission (NMC) has given probably the biggest gift to the medical aspirants this year by removing the upper age limit.
Scraping of the upper age limit for all the candidates will be such a relief to all those who were not able to appear in the exam due to any reasons.
To crack NEET UG 2022exam, it's advised to always start early, as the early bird catches the worm!
Who else could be your saviour other than the toppers themselves to give you the most valuable study tips as they have faced this exam and have successfully cracked it? Listed below are some of the primo tips shared by NEET toppers to help you qualify NEET exam and add this beautiful feather to your cap.
How do NEET toppers study?
* They ace their concepts and logical reasoning.
* They love what they study and never think of it as a burden.
* They practice consistency and sorted strategies with discipline.
* They master their weakness and don't let their strength go in their head.
* They are a believer in quality and not quantity.
* They value their teacher and resources.
* They value time and never procrastinate.
* They don't let stress overpower their minds.
Some assorted tips by NEET toppers are here to save your day:
Choosing your resources carefully is an art: There are so many coaching centres, books that are currently on market and in dire need of your attention. But choosing the best out of them is a herculean task. If you are economically well then you can also go with a personal teacher so that they can spend an ample amount of time on your need. For better preparation you can go with Oswaal NEET UG Solved Papers For 2022 Exam. Students will get different learning aspects from this:
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* Analytical Report: Unit-wise questions distribution in each subject
* Two SQPs based on the latest pattern
* Trend Analysis: Chapter-wise

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1. Staying ambitious about your goals: You don't have time as leisure, think about your dreams and reminisce because you wanted to crack NEET in the first place.
2. Learning NCERT by heart: No matter what books you follow, never skip NCERT. They're like religious books if your wish to crack NEET.
3. Strategic management: Only a systematic study plan and timetable can save your time. You need to devise a strategy that you can follow in all conditions. Keep in mind to give yourself proper break time. Studying too much for too long will take a toll on your mind. Keep taking small breaks. Don't study only a particular subject for the whole day or you will be thrown into a monotonous life.
4. Be consistent with what you do: Working hard is only for a small period, after that you will get what you want. So, to achieve what you want you to strive for it and be consistent
5. Never skip mock tests: Always analyse yourself by giving mock tests that will shed light on the areas where you need to work more.
6. Revising is important: You should always revise all the subjects before the examination.
7. Clear your doubts: If you have any problem on any topic, do study it or it may cost you several hundred ranks.
8. Practice rather than just reading: It's a major drawback that most of the students tend to read instead of practising it on paper. Just memorising physics formulas or derivations won't help you in the exams.
Don't stress much just eat healthy, stay calm and meditate if you feel you are losing focus.
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