New Delhi [India], January 14 (ANI/Oswaal Books): Olympiad exams are taken to encourage the students to work upon their analytical and logical skills.
As per the previous reports the Olympiad 2022 exams were on time. But, due to the surge in the Covid-19 cases around the country, various Olympiad exams have been postponed.
There has been a situation of chaos and panic among the students who have been preparing for these exams for quite a considerable time.
But it is very important to keep track of the dates for the Olympiad exams. As the dates have been postponed there might be chances that student miss upon the notification.
This can rob them of their opportunity to appear for the Olympiad exam that they were preparing for.
Students can check below the dates for some prominent Olympiad exams that have been postponed and keep on preparing in that direction.
Exam dates postponed
The Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Mathematics and the Indian Olympiad qualifier in Junior Science that were scheduled for 9 January 2022 have been postponed.
Due to the rising COVID-19 cases, the students can't visit the centres and take up the exam. This can pose a threat to the health of students.
The decision to postponement of these two exams has been taken in the due interest of the students.
In addition to that, the Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Physics and the Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Biology that has been scheduled for January 16, 2022, have also been put off for the current time.
These are the four exams that have currently been postponed. Due to the hike in cases and closure of educational institutes, it is not at all feasible to conduct the exams.
In addition to that, every year a team representing India in Olympiads at the international level is selected via three stages.
But, due to the worsening condition of the pandemic in the country, this selection procedure has also been cut down to two stages for better health prospects.
The two stages of selection will include the Indian Olympiad Qualifier and the Orientation cum Selection Camp for representing the country on an international scale.
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Final Thoughts
Students should keep a proper eye on the latest updates and should not be carried away by any false information floating around various resources.
As of now, only the four Olympiad 2022 exams that have been mentioned above are postponed. For the Olympiad exam taking place on 23 January 2022, the decision will be taken in a few days. Students should start their preparation to match the flow of the exams, they can also go with Oswaal Olympiad books for class 1 to 5 | Previous Years Solved Papers for 2022 Exams where you will get clarity of concepts and many more like:
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