New Delhi [India], February 7 (ANI/PRAADIS TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD): With the pandemic altering the face of the world, things changed for the whole of the education sector as well. Online learning which was once dismissed as a poor substitute for in-person learning, proved to be an effective and fulfilling learning option for students. However, what parents and students had to take on for their safety has now become their go-to option as it saves them time and bypasses the struggle to reach physical centres.

, one such online educational portal is witness to this accelerated digitalisation of teaching and transformation of professional training methods. This edtech company through its App imparts knowledge using various interactive modes of learning across the globe. It offers programs for students of KG-12 and gears up aspirants for competitive exams like NEET, IIT- JEE etc.
As per the analysis of the data gathered by the company, its findings suggest what initially started as a necessity has now become the choice of many. Some of the factors that drive both parents and students to choose an e-learning platform for their course are stated below.
1. Convenience
As far as convenience is concerned, online classes bring great ease. You can access courses from the comfort of your home. It not only saves you the legwork and but also the motivation that is required to travel to a specific place to acquire knowledge.
2. Flexibility
Online learning has the big plus of flexibility in schedule. In Apps like
, the students are facilitated to access recorded lectures if they miss any class.Whereas, studying in classrooms require following a proper routine. Students have to be punctual to avoid missing out on important lectures due to which their grasp of the subject, performance and doubts are sometimes left unchecked.
3. Greater Affordability
Showing up in a physical space involves travel expenses. Students who learn in classrooms may face financial burdens. The investment in notes, tuition fees, travelling and other activities can be hard. However, services provided by e-learning platforms can be availed at a very affordable price and saves the student from additional charges. For instance,
provides a complete package at just
/- for a year. Students just need to have a stable internet connection and pay the minimal course fee.
So, next time when you are considering an online school/tuition for your child, you might want to take a look at what
has in store for you.
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