Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], February 6 (ANI/BusinessWire India): Post the pandemic everyone has had their share of learnings and adjustments, some that need bouncing back and some that showed the importance of slowing down and appreciating what each one has. Thus, an emerging trend has been observed in the wake of the lockdown recently, wherein, the urban population, across all age groups has been taking time off from their routine to reflect and rejuvenate in the lap of nature, allowing mother nature to heal their core and feel a sense of calm.

stems from the fact that one need not wait for feeling liberated in the later stages of their life. It is integral to learn how to live freely in the present by developing the ability to detach from anxiety, stress, depression or anything that does not aid in living a peaceful and happy life.
This retreat will give each individual the necessary tools to alter habits at a deep level, release stagnant emotions, become aware of self-sabotaging subconscious beliefs, learn to trust intuition and strengthen the connection between the conscious and subconscious mind.
The days will be focused inward, with the intent of strengthening the relationship between body, mind and soul.
Rudra kickstarted this movement with the first retreat in Nepal where participants attended from all across the world including India, the USA and the gulf region. The journey that began with each individual coming in as a participant, ended with all feeling like one family that experienced healing, laughter, joy and togetherness.
Upcoming Living Liberation Retreat at Rishikesh

Rishikesh is a place where the body is said to meet the soul, leading to Samadhi. It is where one can easily connect to the deeper essence within, away from all the demands of worldly life outside.
Holistic approach

At the retreat the participants will go through a well-curated journey that involves healing at four levels of their being - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
Commenting on the announcement of the retreat, Jagriti Kajaria, Founder of Rudra, shares, "I strongly believe that every breath is an opportunity to create a new experience and a new YOU. The new experiences must be in the direction of feeling free at your core."
Highlights of the retreat:
1. Core Healing of past traumas and baggage with the healing energies of Mother Ganga.
2. Meditate in the serene outdoors, near the gushing Ganga and experience deep peace.
3. Activate Kundalini with meditations, kriyas, and fast-paced activity, & allow this to work on the stagnant energy stored in the body cells.
4. Experience self-awareness and self-reflection through fun group activities & discover the inner power.
5. Hatha Yoga sessions with an International expert.
6. A special gift of learning the Rudra Kriya and breathwork to enhance everyday performance and free the mind space to take a leap in the material & spiritual journey.
7. Awaken & stirring of the soul with the sounds of singing, flute, and hand pan during live sessions
8. Learn tools to empower oneself to enjoy the journey of life.
To aid this experience the arrangements are made accordingly - Sattvic food, Comfortable stay in the lap of mother ganga, arrangements for participants to bond through various fun-filled games and activities.
The whole team at Rudra has been striving to spread the message of spirituality in India and beyond. They believe that the retreat will be a space for learning, experiences, connections, and conversations, where spiritual seekers from around the world can gather.
Embark on the spiritual pursuit to bring brilliance to light through the Living Liberation Retreat scheduled from 2nd to 6th March at Rishikesh.
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