New Delhi [India], February 6 (ANI/PNN): Rakhi Kapoor has been awarded the most awaited Golden Book Awards 2023 for her book Now You Breathe - Overcoming Toxic Relationships and Abuse in the category Powerful Relationship Guide. The
is one of Asia's prestigious award programs which celebrates best works on literature.
Now You Breathe is author Rakhi Kapoor's twenty-fifth book. This book aims at providing insights to readers on recognizing the red flags and dealing with toxic relationships as well managing post traumatic stress disorders after having suffered abuse in various personal or professional relationships.
Narcissism has been an ancient human behavioural expression resulting from power and a sense of entitlement. Slavery and colonization were a resultant of certain races and sects of people claiming supremacy and oppressing other races and nations which lead to the plundering of resources, near annihilation of natives in many countries, oppression, and violation of human rights in history, all over the world.
What happens when such a feeling of supremacy, entitlement and oppressive behavior is exhibited within closed doors of homes and workplaces. One scapegoat emerges who is constantly abused mentally, emotionally, verbally resulting in physical abuse in the long run. Anybody can become a victim of such relationships making women and children more prone to abuse.
Social distancing and isolation, economic hardships, uncertainty, and fear during and post Covid has wrecked the mental health of people. Now You Breathe is a work of Nonfiction supported by researched facts amalgamated with the Author' experience as an expert in the field of relationships and mental health. The book also has reflections of the author's personal experience surviving abuse.

is also a renowned physiotherapist who was the pioneer of prenatal counselling in India which is the equivalent of the Lamaze classes in the west with over two decades of experience guiding thousands of young expecting couples, young women and moms through pregnancy, childbirth, and post-partum phase. Rakhi has written books addressing significant and most neglected issues like mental health, relationships, mood swings post-natal depression etc.
The subject matter of the book Now You Breathe has been welcomed and recognized as the need of the hour. It has been recognized in many other award programs.
Rakhi was awarded the author of the year at the National Achievers Award in December 2022 at the Constitution Club of India. She has also won the prestigious Writeinfluence award and Author of the year nonfiction in the Ukiyoto Literary Awards.
Now You Breathe has also been nominated for a few international awards awaiting the results. Wishing Author Rakhi Kapoor, the best in her journey of writing impactful books making a difference to society, which is Rakhi's sole purpose of celebrating her creative writing skills.
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