Brussels [Belgium], May 3: Ukraine's hopes for a more fixed path towards NATO membership may be in vain, according to information obtained by DPA.
Members of the Western military alliance, including the United States and Germany, have recently made it clear behind closed doors that they do not want to make any commitments that go substantially beyond a vague NATO declaration from 2008.
Back then, the heads of state and government agreed that Ukraine and Georgia would become members of NATO. However, there was no concrete timetable or roadmap.
Ukrainian President VolodymyrZelensky recently called on NATO to clear the way for his country's admission to the alliance at its next summit in Vilnius in July, saying Kyiv should receive a "well-deserved invitation." Ukrainian soldiers, Zelensky argued, were contributing more than any others to Euro-Atlantic security.
Despite support for Zelensky's call from some central and eastern European countries like Lit huania, it is currently considered extremely unlikely that NATO will change course and offer Kyiv a concrete membership plan.According to diplomats, opponents argue that accession is unrealistic and could distract from much more important and immediate military support for Ukraine as the country defends itself against the Russian invasion.
Plus, there is a perceived risk that a new boost to NATO could give Russia an excuse to wage more aggressive warfare. On the occasion of NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg's visit to Kyiv a fortnight ago, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Ukraine's accession to NATO would be "a serious, significant danger for our country." To meet Ukraine halfway at the NATO summit, work is underway on a support package already announced by Stoltenberg.
Additionally, there is a discussion of offering Ukraine the opportunity to hold talks on even closer cooperation in the format of a NATO-Ukraine Council. A senior diplomat recently explained that this could strengthen the "sense of partnership" between NATO and Ukraine. So far, NATO has only met with representatives of Ukraine in so-called commission meetings, focused more on reform demands than cooperation.
According to NATO sources, there will probably only be real movement on a membership plan for Kyiv if Ukraine succeeds in the war against Russia to avoid becoming a direct party of the war by admitting Ukraine.
Source: Qatar Tribune