Moscow [Russia], March 14: The delegation of Russia that is talking to high officials of the United Nations (UN) in Geneva announced today that Moscow is ready to accept the extension of the agreement that allows Ukraine to export grain via the Black Sea, but only for 60 days.
In July, the UN and Turkey worked out an agreement between the two warring states, according to which Ukraine, one of the largest exporters of grain in the world, transports grain and fertilizer by ship using three of its Black Sea ports.
The agreement made it possible to bring down food prices in the world. It originally lasted 120 days, but was renewed last November for another 120 days. This deadline expires on Saturday, and an extension for the same time period as before was on the negotiating table.
Moscow, however, is dissatisfied with the fact that the parallel agreement on the export of Russian food and fertilizers does not have the expected results, as only a fraction of Russian fertilizer is exported, and no grain at all.
According to the Russian delegation, "restrictions on Russian agricultural exporters are still in place" and "exceptions to food and fertilizer sanctions announced by Washington, Brussels and London are essentially inactive".
Through this agreement, Moscow wants Russian ammonia to be transported by pipeline through Ukrainian territory to Black Sea ports for eventual export.
Russian officials also complain that banking restrictions and high insurance costs make it difficult to export Russian fertilizer.
Source: Beta News Agency