New Delhi [India], April 23 (ANI/ThePRTree): Founder of Maitri Foundation NGO, Sachin Shinde leads an initiative to install benches in the Mahim area of Mumbai aiming to provide a resting spot for senior citizens while being outdoors.
The philanthropist associated with Bhartiya Janta Party also looks after a clean water project to boost sanitation facilities across the state of Maharashtra.
Responsibility is something very few people are willing to take, Entrepreneur, social worker, and politician Sachin Shinde is one of those few who take up responsibility and fulfill it to its core. He has been playing an instrumental role in helping people of different age groups. Shinde has been associated with the current ruling party of India, the Bhartiya Janta Party, and lend a hand in philanthropic services on behalf of the party for the last two decades.
Maitri Foundation is responsible for the overall development of society. In the Mahim area of Mumbai and other adjoining areas, Sachin had installed benches exclusively for senior citizens who can rest while being outdoors. However, with the rising cases of coronavirus, not many people and senior citizens step out as the number of cases is going up exponentially.
The unique idea came to him through his team after understanding the convenience of its local citizens in the nearby areas. "We have seen many localities going for walk or some work outdoors. To make things easier, we installed benches so people can rest. But unfortunately, the rising cases of COVID-19 infection has once again made everyone sit at home and it's better that way to stay safe", stated Sachin. His clean water project also brought him a lot of recognition among the masses.
The major goal of the social worker is to give people a hassle-free life that is free from any diseases and hazards. Even during the challenging times of the pandemic, his team has made sure to go their way out and help the ones who are in need. Distribution of food, essential products, hand sanitizers, and face masks have been done in the past, and he continues to keep up with this good work
even now. Urging everyone to stay indoors, Sachin Shinde is hopeful that with time things will get better, and the citizens will get to live a normal life once again.
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