Pune (Maharashtra) [India], March 14 (ANI/NewsVoir): Returns on investment with market-linked instruments can be elusive, especially with global factors constantly interfering with local indices.
However, investors can forecast their earnings with certainty with a fixed-income instrument like the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit. To help investors plan for their future goals, Bajaj Finance even offers a convenient online FD calculator.
It is free, easy to use, generates results instantly, and is accessible through the internet and a web browser. Here's how investors can quickly calculate the return on investment they get with the Bajaj Finance FD.
Obtain FD returns in an instant
The first step to calculating one's FD returns is to access the FD calculator online. Next, select Senior Citizen or Customer below the age of 60. After this, enter (or use the slider) the investment amount and the tenor. The calculator pulls the appropriate FD rate and displays the interest earned and the maturity amount upon providing these details.
Earn at an FD rate of up to 7.05 percent p.a.
Investors using the FD calculator will quickly realise that customers below the age of 60 can secure an interest rate of up to 6.80 percent p.a. Senior citizens, on the other hand, enjoy an FD rate hike of 0.25 percent p.a., and thus, a net FD rate of up to 7.05 percent p.a.
Assuming payouts at maturity only, here is an illustration of the results offered by the FD calculator.

The table above reveals a return on investment of 38.9 percent p.a. for regular investors and 40.6 percent p.a. for senior citizens.
Compute recurring interest payouts
While it is most profitable to receive the entire interest earned at maturity only, investors can choose to receive frequent interest payouts. Bajaj Finance offers flexible interest payouts every month, quarter, half-year, or a year - depending on the customer's preference - or the option of taking back the entire proceeds directly at maturity.
Depending on the frequency they select, the FD rate changes. Higher frequencies are linked with lower FD rates and vice versa. Bajaj Finance removes the guesswork out of such calculations by offering a drop-down menu on the FD calculator through which investors can select their desired interest payout frequency.
The option of regular interest payouts may be beneficial to many investors, for instance, senior citizens requiring assistance for utilities and medical bills.
Here is how the table above changes with different payout frequencies.
Senior citizen

For ease of planning, one does not have to select a different payment mode each time to compare values. Investors can click on "compare interest payouts" to view such a table.
Alter the tenor to match future goals
Bajaj Finance offers investors a flexible tenor of 12 to 60 months. Investors can quickly view their returns vis-a-vis different tenors by entering the desired value in the "tenor" field or using the slider. It is advisable to pick a tenor of 36 months or more for the highest FD rate.
The good part about a Bajaj Finance FD is that investors need not worry about late interest and principal payments. Payouts are given as per the tenor and the payout frequency selected. This fixed deposit carries CRISIL's FAAA rating alongside ICRA's MAAA rating. These are the highest in their respective categories and point to a default-free investment experience.
Build a corpus with a Systematic Deposit Plan
Starting a Systematic Deposit Plan (SDP) allows investors to earn while saving. Here, investors can make small monthly contributions of Rs. 5,000 or more, with each one going towards a new FD. One can select:
Single Maturity Scheme: to receive a lump sum payout on a single, fixed date
Monthly Maturity Scheme: to have each FD mature after a constant, fixed tenor
Bajaj Finance offers a convenient SDP calculator, through which investors can quickly know their "monthly payout" with a Monthly Maturity Scheme. All one needs to do is enter the monthly deposit amount, the tenor, and the number of deposits.
The powerful, intuitive, and fast FD calculator makes planning an FD investment easy. Moreover, investors can go from calculating their returns to start earning interest in a matter of minutes. Invest online in a few easy steps, and benefit from earning at a top FD rate!
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