Ankara [Turkey], May 22: Türkiye has launched a passport-free policy for Romanian citizens, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday.
Türkiye will allow Romanian citizens to enter its borders with their IDs, said Erdogan at a joint press conference with visiting Romanian Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu.
"We believe that our human relations will improve this way," Erdogan said.
On Tuesday, Erdogan and Ciolacu attended the Türkiye-Romania High-Level Strategic Cooperation Council meeting in Ankara.
Erdogan said that the Türkiye-Romania bilateral trade volume exceeded 10 billion U.S. dollars for two consecutive years, adding that the goal is 15 billion dollars.
Ciolacu, for his part, thanked Erdogan for the decision to grant visa exemption to Romanian citizens for their tourist trips and transit to Türkiye.
In a post released on the social platform of X, the Romanian prime minister said his government will consolidate its role as a key partner of Türkiye in major fields and further facilitate the dialogue on Türkiye's accession to the European Union.
During his strip, Romania and Türkiye signed six important agreements covering cooperation in various fields, including cooperation in tourism, urbanism, and training of police forces.
Source: Xinhua