Washington [US], January 25: On the morning of January 25 (Vietnam time), the Department of Justice and eight US states filed a lawsuit against Google, accusing the technology giant of abusing its dominance in the online advertising market to suppress competitors.
In a lawsuit filed in the District Court in Alexandria (Virginia), the US Department of Justice accused Alphabet Group (Google's parent company) of taking advantage of its dominance in the field of online advertising.
Since then, the US government has argued that the dissolution of the company's advertising control arm, which brings in huge revenue for Google and also plays a core role for the search engine and overall revenue from electricity. corporate cloud computing.
"Google has employed anti-competitive, exclusionary, and unlawful measures to completely eliminate or substantially reduce any threat to its online advertising position," the petition reads. lawsuit of the US Department of Justice.
In response to the lawsuit, Google, whose advertising division is responsible for about 80% of the company's revenue, argued that the administration of President Joe Biden had "doubled down" on a false argument that could delay the initiative, increase advertising costs and put thousands of small companies in a difficult position.
Meanwhile, the US federal government insists that investigations and lawsuits against Google aim to create better conditions for smaller competitors to compete against the tech giants.
"By suing Google for a monopoly in online advertising, the Department of Justice deals a direct blow to the internet giant's center of power," said Charlotte Slaiman, director of policy on January 25. competition of Public Knowledge (Washington DC headquarters).
The lawsuit follows the antitrust lawsuit against Google that has been pursued since Donald Trump was still US president.
This is also the move that marks the first step of the Biden administration against a company belonging to the "Big Tech" group, with the remaining tech giants including Amazon , Meta Platforms (the parent company of Facebook). ), Apple.
A total of eight states have joined the lawsuit against Google, including California, Colorado, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Tennessee and Virginia.
Source: ThanhNien Newspaper