Moscow [Russia], May 2: Uzbek citizens approved a new constitution, official figures show, with more than 90% in favour. The head of the electoral commission, ZayniddinNizamkhodjayev, said on Monday that 90.21% had voted for the new constitution, Uza state news agency reported.
The constitutional amendment is widely seen to extend President ShavkatMirziyoyev's term in office. Voter turnout reached 84.54%, according to Nizamkhodjayev, meaning some 16.7 million Uzbek citizens took part in the election. The lower and upper houses of parliament have already passed the new constitution. The new constitution provides for reducing the Senate, the upper house of parliament, from 100 to 65 deputies. Also, it extends the president's term of office from five to seven years. It further abolishes the death penalty.
The president may still only rule for two terms. However, Mirsiyoyev, in office since 2016, can also run in the next election in 2026. Due to the constitutional amendment, his two previous terms in office would no longer count. A similar arrangement has permitted Russian President Vladimir Putin to remain in office, with the procedure carried out in 2021 to allow him to be re-elected, which would otherwise have been unconstitutional.
Source: Qatar Tribune