Xi'an (China), January 16: The Xi'an Olympic Sports Center's main field and warm-up field have been rated as a first-class athletic facility by World Athletics and became the first in northwest China to obtain this Class 1 certification.
All the track and field facilities meet the technical requirements of the World Athletics Rules for the relevant competitions.
It means that the venue can host world-class track and field events such as the Olympic Track and Field Competition, the World Track and Field Championships, and the Asian Track and Field Championship in the future.
The construction of the main stadium of the Xi'an Olympic Sports Center started on October 9, 2017, and was officially completed on June 23, 2020.
The main stadium has a construction area of 152,000 square meters and stands five floors above the ground. It is equipped with an international standard 400m comprehensive track and an international standard football pitch.
Source: Xinhua